• International Missions

    Are you looking for a gospel-driven international mission trip for individuals or a group from your church? M.U.D. Ministries is passionate about sharing the Word of God in Nicaragua and other foreign countries. We have been hosting mission trips to Nicaragua for the past eight years. . To potenza Google Employs, you ll find to update to a. […]

  • All Family Revival

    Eric Hixon has a heart for families. He and his wife Rebekah have been blessed with twelve children (eight biological and two sons adopted from China and two daughters adopted from China). You will be encouraged by their testimony, and your church members will be challenged to lead their families in God’s Way for God’s […]

  • Invest in Eternity

    Where are you investing your time, resources, and energy? Are your investments temporal or are they eternal? There are many good causes from which to choose. M.U.D. Ministries challenges you to Invest in Eternity.



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